dimarts, 5 de març del 2013

Unemployment hits record high

The Eurozone's jobless rate went up in January to a record from 11,9%. The highest is in Spain, where unemployment is now 26,2%. More than half Spaniards under 25 years haven't got a job.

Iberia cancels flights

The Spanish airline, which plans to cut 3807 jobs, says about 1300 flights will be cancelled this week as strikes begin again to protest the loss-making airlines' plans to fire a fifth of their workers. The first demostration was held at Madrid yesterday.

Juan Carlos gets surgery

Spain's king had succesfully surgery for herniated discs in his lower spine done at an hospital in Madrid on Sunday 3th of March. The operation, which took about three hours, "proved entirely satisfactory", as the palace said. The doctor who performed the operation said it would take between two and six months for Juan Carlos to recover.

dimecres, 27 de febrer del 2013

Princess Cristina named suspect?

Spain's King Juan Carlos faces one of the worst weeks in his 37-years reign because his daughter, Princess Cristina, may be named as a suspect in a multimillion-euro scandal and politicans begin to call for his abdication. 

dimecres, 13 de febrer del 2013

Spain goes in the right path

 Spain has succeeded in stabilizing a banking system that almost collapsed last year and is well-positioned for better economic times going forward.

Ryanair reducing flights

In Spain, airport taxes are four times higher than anywhere else in Europe. Because of that, taxes make up 40 per cent of ticket costs for Ryanair’s Madrid and Barcelona flights, making them unprofitable for the airline. The 14 airports operating those flights will be reduced to 10, which will result in 4500 jobs going.

Spain grants Jews the citizenship

1492 King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile ordered the expulsion of Jews and Muslims. Many people converted to Christianity or were persecuted, others left the peninsula. The Spanish Government wants to repair by giving their descendants automatic rights of citizenship.